Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Occupy Wall Street : Shifting Ideas, and Creating Art.

Designed by Richard Perez. Purchase from

This year we were witness to huge historical political events. The Arab Spring and Occupy Movements will be talked about by future generations. In 2011, people all over the world demanded change.

*Something is afoot. And it feels like something big.* Paradigm shift? 

Even those of us who like to check out of reality by tuning in to realities - couldn't escape these ones. They were bigger than that!

So with a huge salute to those brave souls that are defiant enough to demand change, I am posting a few of my favourite Occupy Poster Goodies.

These bits of historical illustration and design are available from $10 screened onto newsprint.
I would purchase a higher quality paper stock if I were you. Your great grand kids will cherish these!

Designed by Laura Dickens available for purchase at the

Designed by Dan Cassaro and available at