Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Six Reasons to Print with Soy Based Ink

Soy based inks have garnered a lot of attention lately, and with due reason.
The printing industry has long been motored on petroleum-based inks, and with the move towards soy and vegetable based alternatives at an all time high, I decided a list of benefits was in order.
What are the Benefits of Soy Based Ink for Printing ? We have listed out top 6...

It's Soy ! 
I am usually not  a fan of accentuating the obvious, but basing an ink on soy is so much better for the environment than basing it on petroleum, that I could't resist.

Soy based inks are brighter than standard offset inks. More vibrancy, more pop, who would complain ?

When papers are recycled they have togo through a process called "de-inking." Soy inks respond better to the de-inking process than traditional inks, resulting in less paper fibre damage. The end result of this is a brighter, whiter recycled paper, making the entire process quicker, and greener.

Contrary to their ease in de-inking, soy based inks do not rub off of papers as easily as traditional inks (especially on newsprint.)

Low in Volatile Organic Compounds
Soy based inks are naturally low in VOCs, and thus give off less harmful, nasty chemicals. Using soy inks reduces pollution, and

Renewable Resource
Soy is a renewable resource - petroleum is not.

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