Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hip Recycled Business Card

How do you create a paper business card for an environmental consultant ?
What kind of card would pass the eco-scrutiny that a person in this position would be subject to ?

You don't design a card at all, but rather, a stamp - a stamp that can happily punch out the details of contact information on every scrap piece of paper in any colour that the consultant desires.
What an amazing way to make an impression...  I can envision the exchange that takes place when Andrea Romani's future clients ask for her phone number...

"Oh ! Your an environmental consultant. Do you have a card ?"
"One sec,"(She grabs a scrap of napkin from the table and pushes ink onto it) "Here you go. "

What a strong eco-impression like no other.  Amazing !

via Cherry Flava 

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