Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green Business Cards

Our secret mission as Green Designers is to convince clients to do something unique and green for their business cards. There are so many fantastic card designs out there, and I love to find green design inspiration. Here are a few eco-friendly business cards that are a little bit different than the standard. They are either repurposed, and make use of what would be waste; or that are printed on recycled papers with soy inks.

Here's a cool card from AIGA Knoxville - an old pantone colour chip repurposed
into a business card. A wonderful idea - and a fun way to reuse those pantone chips !
Via All Graphic Design

And what do you do when you have a store that is chalk full of recycled
wonders for resale ? You create a unique, 100% re-used card made of left
over fabric and bits of old... um... things. I would never throw it away if it
made it into my wallet, and it's worth showing people as a conversation piece.
Via All Graphic Design 

Simple and effective design on cardboard by Michela Chiucini.  

This card designed by Jamie Wiek actually sprouts. Amazingly creative.

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