Friday, May 14, 2010

First FSC Certified Mail to arrive to my new address

Of all the many papers that have arrived to my new mailbox, I haven't received mail (that wasn't paper samples) that was printed on Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) Paper. Invoices, statements, junk mail... flyers, coupons, discount cards.... a full month of paper. Oh - all that paper. Someone finally decided to wreak less havoc on trees and send me the first FSC certified mail of the month - and the winner is.....
Don't get me wrong - I love Ecosia. (See Ecosia post.) I love the idea behind the Ecosia Search Engine Plan. I love that searches can have a positive effect on the rainforest, but not only was Google's paper FSC certified, but it also had a Data Matrix / QR Code printed on it to boot. Sustainable and tech-hip.
Run Forest Run !

The only thing I could ask for from Google is that they would use FSC paper that is 100% recycled with a high percentage of post consumer waste instead of "Mixed Sources". (FSC Mixed Sources Label: fiber comes from FSC certified forests in addition to recycled fiber and/or fiber from non-FSC certified controlled sources.)

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