Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to buy Tree Free Papers

There are many tree-less paper options out there, and as demand goes up, guess what goes down ? You've got it- price.
These coveted papers used to cost an arm and a leg (instead of a tree)- and now they are available from a variety of sources at a range of costs. Some of the people making these treeless papers are listed below.

Sustainable Paper Heaven

Ecopaper makes treeless papers in different flavours.
They have reams of 500 sheets of bright white for $6.99.
These are 80% tree free and made from sugar cane wastes (otherwise known as bagasse.) The price is right both bank-wise and environmental-wise.

Most of the 100% post-consumer waste products that I have seen look like regular white paper. (Of course, if only makes sense, this is the paper that most people use every day, all the time.) But for some projects we need paper that looks recycled. If you are looking for something that is not only forest-friendly but that also has the texture and grain that screams friend of the environment, then look no further.

Their reams of amazingly coloured and textured papers are nice to look at, are 100% tree free, and made with 100% post consumer content. They also have card / cover stock. (yipee!)
These beautiful papers make me smile. Instead of trees, Ecopaper uses wastes from banana, cofee, lemon, mango and cigar. A worthy cause worth supporting.

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