Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Better Barcelona Chair

I *love* the Barcelona chair - always have. Ludwig Mies van de Rohe is my furniture design hero. I don't have a Barcelona right now - it was with a heavy heart that I sold our red one a few years ago. It was a little too cold for our decor, and I was sure that I would purchase another one of these mid-century modern classics in the future.

I was sure - until I saw Viva Terra's amazing Butaca chair. It's Barcelona-esque lines are perfectly hand carved into machiche (a tropical Guatemalan hardwood.) The chair's wood is FSC certified, and as if that isn't enough to make my eco-design soul drool,  the seat cushions are upholstered in reclaimed jute coffee sacks or organic cotton. (Your choice.) I can't decide, and I think I want two... of each.

If this isn't decor perfection than I'm not sure what is. 

The chair is on sale for $1350 and I am saving my pennies quickly.

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