Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clear Path Chiropractic's Green Graphic Design

Last week we finished off a series of projects for Clear Path Chiropractic Health Centre in Guelph, ON.

The project was one of those great ones, that only comes around once every few years.
Mark Kubert and Julie Gill (the doctors in charge) were totally on board to go with 100% post-consumer-waste recycled business cards. We designed their cards so that they are 70% of the regular height (skinny cards!), so that means not only are they printed on recycled papers, but they also save recycled material resources because of their size.

The inks are soy and vegetable based as opposed to petroleum, so we are delighted with the overall materials choices of the Clear Path gang !

The cherry on top was their website. We have their site hosted on HostPapa's green servers.
 (HostPapa buys solar and wind energy credits to replace all of the energy that they pull off of the regular energy grid.)

I love it when we are given the green light to design in a way that inspires us !
Thanks guys for being good and green and just plain awesome !


  1. Thanks so much Chris for the work you've done. Your creative eye and enviro-conscious mind were perfect for the job.

    Mark Kubert

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