Saturday, October 9, 2010

Green Business Cards by Moo !

A small selection of ready-made designs by the fabulous artists who sell on MOO  /  Credit: Moo Print

If you haven't seen MOO before, then you are missing out on one of the best collections of cute and trendy graphics anywhere. period

This is the perfect stop for anyone who wants amazing, but doesn't have the budget for custom branding or embossed and die-cut. At MOO, you can pick out one design per business card, and make a huge statement with variety and a noteworthy collection. (Yes!) If you order 50 cards all 50 can be unique, and the price for printing doesn't change. It's a great way to try out a few different ideas or techniques on your cards for an amazing price.

It turns out that MOO has a wonderful business card option called MOO GREEN, I am not sure how I missed this addition to their collection, but I did. The last time I visited their site this wasn't an option, and now that it is I will be frequenting their site on a regular basis.

Their cards are totally chlorine free and 100% recycled with  Post Consumer Waste paper. Tell your friends, this is an amazing day. (I hadn't been to the MOO site in a few years, so I know I am on the caboose end of this news.) I'm just so excited about it, because it means I can shop at MOO again. Their print quality is amazing, the cards are quirky, and the off-sizes are great conversation starters. I am smiling all over.

Credit: Moo Print

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