Saturday, April 9, 2011

Design that Matters : The Green Party of Canada Animation

I've been busy busy designing and creative thinking. (Ahem, hence the 2011 lag in posts.) We recently created a design piece that disallowed me to neglect my "Green Graphic Design" blog.

Here's a YouTube clip of the Green Party of Canada animation that we sent their way last week. It was such a satisfying experience to be designing communications for something that I feel so passionately about. It was the most feel-good work I've done all year! You can see it on the national campaign site at Green Party Canada.

It reaffirmed my decision to go solo and to look for GOOD clients, working on POSITIVE projects that matter. Sometimes I lament my jump from the road-to-riches to the road-to-goodwill, but this week I am nothing but smiles.

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