Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Gifts for Clients

Today, in honour of Earth Day, 2011, we donated fruit-bearing trees on behalf of 20 great clients. I purchased the trees from Trees for Life : a great non-profit whose mission is to help end world hunger by planting fruit trees in the developing world. They plant native species that can thrive, and that can eventually feed the person who takes care of it. I like the way they think. Each person that is helped is asked to share seeds with two other people and to teach them what they have learned. It's great companies like this that we want to connect with. Tackling social justice, education initiatives and global warming issues in one shot (via first world donations in small, payable amounts) is pure genius. 
Maybe we will contact them someday and offer to promote their great cause. I'd love to create green designs for them, and their donation certificate could definitely use a facelift. Hmmm. That's fruit for thought. 

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