Saturday, May 14, 2011

Greener Look. Greener Heart?

As we move beyond the era of recycling novelty we are starting to surround ourselves with things that look and feel green. Natural fibres, raw wood, dried branches, mini-containers with living moss - the style is fresh and organic and lovely. It's that summer and lemongrass feeling of a spa in your own home,  and the look is eco-divine.


The more I think about this look, however; the more I wonder if we aren't giving ourselves the illusion of being eco-advocates.  I am a huge fan of FSC or repurposed wood. If given the choice I would chose organic cotton over regular cotton, of course. It makes me feel great to purchase sustainable products for my home. Sometimes, it makes me feel so great, in fact; that I stop thinking about what I need to do to make the world a better place. I feel like I have done my part by buying up beautiful eco-friendly things.

So here's where my contemplation begins and my doubts creep in... do dried tree stumps, moss stolen from its natural fauna & fake animal antlers make me a greener, better person? I'm pretty sure they don't.
They certainly allow me to look that way, though. 

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