Friday, February 17, 2012

Backyard Offices : Hip, Hot & Sustainable Design

Garden office by IN.IT. Studios. I might never leave work if I had this in my backyard!
In 2050, will most professionals work remotely from their homes?
We seem to be moving in that direction. I am jumping on the early adopter band-wagon and thinking about moving my office to my backyard. There seem to be so many advantages...

• Instead of commuting to work, you stay at home and save both gas and time.
 (It's nice to save money, and it's nice to have more time. And it's nice to know that you aren't polluting while commuting. It's a win-win-win.)

Working from home offers more than a few perks.
(For me, this means my favorite cup of tea, the perfect radio station, and doggie-walks at lunch. Pulling left-overs right from the fridge instead of packing or buying a snack at work is always nice, too.) 

On the flip-side, welcoming clients into your personal living space for creative pow-wow sessions is not always ideal. And sometimes people find it difficult to disconnect from work, and to focus on family time.
(My office calls to me at all hours of the day, because I love my work.) 

A backyard office seems to be the perfect solution. It would allow you the benefits of being at home, and it would also help keep those home-work boundaries a little more rigid. It wouldn't be a stretch to run something this size on solar power, so you could even be absolutely sustainable in your space from 9-5.

I am drooling over some of these lovely out-in-the-back solutions that would allow me to really close the door at night. They would also look awesome from my living room window. This means that I could still enjoy the view while spending quality time where I belong: at home.

 Ecospace Studios designs these work pods, along with other equally gorgeous
backyard structures. Goodbye fence, hello ultra-cool office!

Another example of Ecospace Studios architectural design

And for my teeny-tiny backyard space, this office on
castors might be a better match! 

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