Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best seat in the house! Linen Barcelona Modern Love

Taken at Pixelbrand

Many moons ago (17, to be exact) I blogged about the Butaca modern-day sustainable take on the Barcelona chair.
Gorgeous, hand carved, coffee sack stuffed, 100% covetable chair. (I fell into obsession, perhaps.)
It's gorgeous, but my budget didn't cover $3500 for 2 chairs, even if they were absolutely perfect for my space. I loved the softness of them, the idea of a leather-less Barcelona chair and the look of the repurposed materials.
Fast forward a year and a half: We found linen Barcelona style chairs at Homesense for less than $600 each. One added pillow, and a faux-fur throw left us with a snapshot worthy solution.
Almost the Butaca. Almost. Not FSC wood. But also not leather.
I couldn't be happier with my soft, cozy take on a modern classic that I will always love.

Here's the original that was my inspiration:


  1. Absolutely love your chairs...I missed buying the same knock-off version at ... If you can believe this ... At Home Goods in Marshalls! Where can I buy the chair in linen if I'm not in"The Trade"? Homesense is to the trade only.

  2. Thank you! I really felt like I won the lottery when I found these chairs.
    I wish I could answer this question... I haven't seen linen Barcelona chairs anywhere else, and haven't seen them since I found these ones. I wish you luck with finding a similar chair sometime soon- I think it's a great motto to wait until you find the perfect piece. I bet they will pop up again sometime soon!

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