Saturday, June 25, 2011

FSC New Home

So hubby and I recently purchased a new home.
It's framed and on it's way towards completion.
(October 2011.)

I was so amazed when I was walking through the space, and saw that the wood frame is FSC certified. Great Gulf Homes, you have my hoorah- thanks for giving us the right base to build a home on!

Sustainably harvested wood must be more and more common; nobody told us about the great wood choices that they would be making when we purchased. I realize now that it is definitely something that I should have asked about when making the decision to buy. (Hangs head in shame.)

Lesson learned. (Yes, some days I do learn.)

My take-away: Even when you think sustainable is out of the question- it might be within reach. There's no harm in asking for the materials that you want. Quite obviously, they are attainable, within budget, and being used right under my nose. 

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