Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repurposed Skid Pallets - a way to look at the world

The organic / upcycled / repurposed fad must be reaching its peak.
While wonderful to see, my wish is that people add a few trendy pieces to their decor and stop for a moment to think about the why and the how of it all.
The why:
We desperately need to change our habits if we want the earth to sustain our human population and the growth of developing nations.  Culturally, we are changing some of our habits (recycling, composting, and "going-green", if you will.) The eco-trend has found its way into every corner of our lives... and that includes every corner of your home. Eco-fashionable home decor makes sense. Start with what you can, and change as you can.
The how: 
By repurposing waste, we are doing the good green thing. On some level it makes us feel like better citizens of the earth. (In the 80s I got the same fuzzy feeling when I bought bottled Evian.)
The caveat: 
Decoration is just frills. Yes, it's true.
(I am a designer. Please realize that frills are very important to my life / environment /overall well-being. Yes, perhaps that is  shallow. Moving forwards.) 

Let's keep the momentum (which is amazing) and start to examine the other important things in our lives. Things like the food we eat and where it comes from, the supply chain of the things we buy, the politicians that we vote for and the repercussions of our choices - our use of the world's resources and our community, our dependence on oil...

It's a lot to think about. And home decor is, by comparison, so mild. I don't mean that we should strip away any of the great eco-things that are popping up everywhere. They're great! They're phenomenal. 

If nothing else, I hope we embrace these trends with a vigour that inspires even more humanity and compassion - and positive change.  If we can change ugly, old and dirty skid pallets into works of modern eco art- we can do.. well,  just about anything.

Without further ado - my selection of repurposed skid pallets:

From Creature comforts

From Apartment Therapy

From /
Pallet Garden

The grandaddy of upcycles: from skid pallet to Barcelon-esque Daybed

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